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What is Viscosity

What is Viscosity

Viscosity can be defined as the fluids resistance to flow. Viscosity of a fluid is the measure of its resistance to gradual deformation by the tensile stress or shear stress. We can also say that viscosity is the internal resistance of the fluid.


What is Mean by Viscous

To understand viscosity. First, we learn “Viscous”, so viscous is material having a thick, sticky consistency between solid and liquid and also having a high viscosity.

Viscosity Examples to Learn Clearly

Honey and Water are great examples to learn clearly about viscosity. Honey (highly viscous) is an example of a high viscosity liquid , while Water (low viscous) is an example of a low viscosity liquid. So, we can say that, Honey does’t flow easily while Water flows very easily.

Viscosity Formula to Calculate Viscosity

Viscosity of any liquid can be calculated with viscosity formula. And formula is as follows-

Viscosity = Force×Time ∕Area

Newton’s Viscosity Law

According to Newton’s viscosity law’, Shear stress between the two adjacent fluid layers is directly proportional to velocity gradients between these two layers. Read more at

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